What's in The Skin Shark Serum

What's in The Skin Shark Serum

The secret ingredient(s) that makes Skin Shark so effective.

So you want to know more about the incredible Skin Shark serum? You’re definitely not alone there. Since launching, more and more people are asking us what’s the secret behind our effectiveness. The good news is, it’s no secret. It’s actually a breakthrough 400 million years in the making.

Inspired by sharks, made by man.

 OK. The first thing we want to make really clear is that The Skin Shark serum is 100% man made and contains nothing from a shark. Nada. We’re as ethical as we are vegan. But our magic ingredient is most definitely inspired by shark. You see, a few decades back, scientists looking into traditional Chinese medicine discovered that a marine salt-complex found in shark bile had been an incredibly effective treatment for skin conditions for years. It was like a supercharged antioxidant. Realising the benefits this compound could have for a range of skin conditions, the team turned to biochemistry to recreate this into a man-made form. The result? 5Beta-Scymnol.


Our patented, active ingredient.

5Beta-Scymnol is a true gift from the deep. It’s a powerful, skin-loving antioxidant that promotes healing and protects the skin by fighting the free radicals that cause so much damage. It doesn’t just treat surface blemishes, it dives deep to normalise oil production and stop blemishes at their source. Unlike other treatments that strip and dry your skin, Skin Shark attacks blemishes and restores your skin naturally and gently. And it does this  all in one step. 

A potent blend of key ingredients.

While 5Beta-Scymnol is the apex predator when it comes to hunting down free radicals, it is ably supported by a whole collection of other powerful ingredients, each playing a key role in helping optimise your skin health. Here’s a bit more on what else helps Skin Shark be so effective against spots, pimples, blemishes and acne.


Derived from the New Zealand native Totara tree, Totarol is another incredible natural ingredient that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

D Panthenol

Derived from the vitamin B family, D Panthenol helps even skin tones and lighten dark spots. It is anti-inflammatory, gentle, soothing and regenerative.


Bakuchiol, also known as Sytenol A, is a wonderful plant-based retinol alternative. It’s been found to have all the amazing anti-aging and anti-acne benefits of retinols but without the irritation and potential for sun sensitivity.


Contacticel fights against pollution on skin, which can contribute to worsening of acne. It reduced squalene oxidation and has anti-inflammatory effects.

What’s not in it is just as important.

The Skin Shark is completely vegan. Our key active ingredient is 100% man made while other elements are plant based. No creatures were harmed in the making of this ethical serum.

Biotechnology. It’s the future that’s been here for centuries.

At first, biotechnology can sound a little daunting. And while it’s an extraordinary science, it’s also something that’s been around for centuries. Fermentation is the result of biotechnology, and we all know how long beer and soy sauce have been around. And while it has a long history, it also has an incredible future.

Advancements in biotechnology have accelerated exponentially recently. Discoveries made and new applications have helped advance numerous fields, including skin care. While some skincare brands still hunt sharks for their products, Skin Shark is proud to have turned to biotechnology to harness the power of nature without harming it. We are, and always will be, committed to unlocking nature’s gifts and making them as widely available as we can through biotechnology.

We’ve passed our trials with flying colours.

We’ve been conducting trials of The Skin Shark for years now (on humans, never animals) to help perfect the formula and the effectiveness at clearing blemishes, spots and acne. This has seen us play with the concentration of 5Beta-Scymnol, add Totarol to help fight inflammation, and much, much more in the way of tweaking and perfecting. What we’re seeing as a result of these trials is incredibly encouraging. People are reporting clearer skin, fewer blemishes, greater radiance and better overall skin health. Obviously everyone’s skin is different and everyone has different results, but the trials have definitely shown that Skin Shark improves the health of your skin.

How long before you start seeing results?

When it comes to clear skin, there really is no such thing as a quick fix. Sadly, anyone who promises this is probably being a bit economical with the truth. What we’ve found is that it generally takes around six weeks of using The Skin Shark to achieve the results people are looking for. Some people definitely achieve clear skin much sooner, while others take longer.

We can’t stress enough that everyone’s skin is different and everyone’s journey is different. Make sure you stick at it and follow a great cleansing regime and you should get the results you’re looking for. There will be highs and there will be lows but stay the course and you’ll be rewarded with clearer, glowing skin.

Good luck.

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